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The IMS Vision

Prospective Students

Our Team

Our Mission

École de Management INSA school is an Adult Education Center founded upon a concrete mission: to provide diverse educational programming to students of different ethnic and academic backgrounds.

Our materials are designed for immigrants who wish to integrate into the Canadian workforce. Our purpose is to make this transition as easy as possible, equipping our participants with the skills to reach and surpass their personal career goals.  To that end, we are constantly developing new programs to meet the emerging needs of the job market and of our students.

ours students

  • South America 35%
  • Asia 27%
  • Africa 21%
  • Europe & North America 17%

The IMS Vision

We are a forward-thinking school aiming to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world. It is our belief that strong entrepreneurial expertise is the cornerstone of tenacity, and therefore innovation is the foundation upon which we help students secure a lasting business. We believe that  by preparing our participants with critical thinking skills, as well as sharpening their ability to communicate across language barriers, our students can successfully overcome the hurdles of the business world.

Prospective Students

A quick glance at our enrolment records illuminate certain shared characteristics among IMS students. Our students are multicultural, originating from many different backgrounds and experiences. The diversity of our students is one of IMS’s largest assets. Your status does not limit your opportunities. If you are

  1. A new immigrant seeking help, support and professional training to adapt to the particularities of the Canadian market,

  2. Or you are an established immigrant or citizen looking for ways to complement your knowledge and expand your education, the Imperial Business School has the material you need to succeed!

Our Team

INSA Management School educators are hand-selected to guide you to success while maintaining a warm and caring environment for our students to flourish. With many years of experience in the adult education domain, our tutors are dedicated to help their students reach their objectives.

Our Professionals are:

  1. Multi-cultural with a wide set of experience and high-level of professionalism

  2. Young, dynamic, motivated and engaged in expanding their students’ capacities

  3. Committed to provide only the best classroom experience for students

The Programs At The INSA Management School Are Designed With You In Mind:
We Boast A Flexibility That Simply Isn’t There With Other Programs: With Us,
You Can Customize Your Schedule And Pick And Choose The Days You Study.