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You will meet students from all over the world and share the experience of learning a foreign language.

English for Academic Purposes

Structured like a real university year, an Intensive Academic Year course is unforgettable in more ways than one. Long-term immersion and expert tuition help you achieve lasting fluency, while you’ll never forget the sights and experiences you’ll discover.

Our Intensive Academic courses offer you the maximum classroom time each week, with extra lessons focusing on specific skills such as Business English, Academic English, Literature or TOEFL /IELTS preparation.

But don’t forget – at Ecole de management INSA, exploration and adventure are part of the learning process, so you’ll still have opportunities to get out and enjoy your destination.

General English

Students join multi-national language classes and study 20 hours per week, covering key language domains and competencies appropriate to their level of ability with additional work on fluency and pronunciation.

Objectives: This programme of study is intended to enhance the all-round language and communication skills of those who wish to work  or study more effectively in an international context. Students will improve their language skills and consider factors affecting inter-cultural communication with special emphasis on fluent spoken English and pronunciation. Participants will also have the opportunity to establish relationships and share points of view with international colleagues.

Conversation & Pronunciation

Students join multi-national language classes and study 15 hours per week.

Our Conversation and Pronunciation English Programmes focus on Developing Speaking Skills, Improving Pronunciation and Building Conversational Skills and Strategies.

This will help you express yourself confidently and effectively in spoken interaction, both socially and in more formal settings and global situations.

One-to-One Tuition

You will have a personalised INSA English Programme based on a strategic needs analysis by INSA.

You choose how many lessons you will have and on which topics and areas of language you would like to focus, depending on your personal objectives; for example, you may wish to improve your Conversational English, to concentrate on your Grammatical Accuracy or develop your ability to Read and Write in English.  We provide bespoke classes based on the General English or one of the specialist English curriculums.